Affiliate Disclosure

At Best Household Supplies, we believe in being transparent about our affiliate relationships. We want our readers to know that when they click on links to products or services on our website, we may receive a commission. This helps us keep our website running and allows us to continue to provide helpful content to our readers.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires us to disclose any relationship we may have with a product or service provider when we discuss them on our website. This disclosure is known as an affiliate disclosure.

An affiliate link is a type of tracking link that allows us to receive a commission if someone clicks our link and makes a purchase. When someone clicks on an affiliate link on our website, they are directed to the product or service page on the advertiser’s website. The advertiser then pays us a commission if the customer makes a purchase.

We also accept sponsored content from companies. This is content that is paid for by a company and written by our editorial staff. We always disclose when a piece of content is sponsored, and we never accept money in exchange for a favorable review.